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Master of Growth - Nik Sharma

Balancing Work and Travel with Sharma Brands CEO Nik Sharma

By Jordan on 2024-02-19

It’s 2024; Location is no longer a barrier to growing your business and achieving your best, anywhere. Nik Sharma of Sharma Brands is ongoing source of inspiration for us here at espresso.

We caught up with Nik earlier this year on how he’s changing the game in marketing and direct to consumer sales. espresso in hand, Nik is uncompromising in his ability to get things done, anywhere 

With the espresso 17 Pro, I'm able to work seamlessly anywhere. It's a practical solution for anyone who's frequently on the move.

Nik is an espresso Displays owner, customer, and nomad, taking his espresso display from country to country as he operates remotely as CEO of Sharma Brands.