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Useful Ways to Use Espresso Portable Monitors

Remote work has never been easier thanks to portable monitors. These touch screen, portable, rotatable monitors have changed the game forever.

iPhone Connected to an espresso
Portable monitors are a game changing piece of technology that open up so many new opportunities in the world of remote entertainment, work and creativity. Anyone who's worked remotely, say in a cafe or a coworking space has thought, ‘A second screen would make this task a lot easier'.

Thanks to espresso, those days may be over. Their easy to transport, highly versatile portable monitor fits right into the lifestyle of any entrepreneur, digital nomad, work from homer, parent or creative. espresso opens up so many possibilities.

Let's take a look at some creative ways people use their portable monitors.


Portable monitors offer entertainment on the go without the annoyance of using a small phone screen or laptop. The ability to connect your phone to your portable monitor means you have a legitimate portable HD display to mirror your streaming service, Youtube or whatever source of entertainment you choose from your phone or laptop.


Thanks to smartphones, gaming on-the-go has been a reality for the past decade or so. With the introduction of portable monitors, gaming outside the comfort of your desk has never been better. With your laptop and a portable monitor you can play AAA games from anywhere on a legitimate display like never before. Or simply connect your smartphone to play mobile games on a large HD display. How cool is that? Check out which gaming consoles the espresso Display is compatible with.


As we all know, kids love gadgets. Being a new gadget with the ability to provide entertainment and education to the little ones, you truly get the best of both worlds with portable monitors. Your kids can now watch or learn outside or wherever they choose on a high quality display.


Whether you need to edit an article or make changes to a logo, portable monitors provide seamless, easy touch screen editing opportunities. Connect anywhere and edit to your heart's content as if you were working from the comfort of your desk at home. In case the need is for a music studio you can try out the Yamaha HS80m studio monitor along with a brilliant Espresso Portable Monitor.


Gone are the days of using tablets to draw. Why not mirror your drawing software from your laptop onto a true HD display to provide a large scale, portable drawing surface. Want to draw in portrait orientation? No problem, simply rotate the monitor 90 degrees and there you have it. The espresso Display also has Palm Rejection which means it knows when to ignore your hand if it's resting on the screen and instead it focuses on the work you're creating with the espressoPen.

Point of sales

One of the most practical uses for portable monitors would have to be POS (point of sales). By having a high quality portable display available for any occasion where POS is needed, such as in retail stores, in festival stalls, or at events, you can simply connect your portable monitor to your phone or laptop and display your sales software there.

The bottom line

By providing screen real estate on the go, portable monitors open up a whole new level of remote work or entertainment freedom. With so many versatile uses, virtually anyone can utilise portable monitors to their advantage. We've shown you a few of our favourite uses for portable monitors. How would you use yours?